The Easiest Switch to Safer Product to Protect Your Family

As someone who is an advocate for safety and transparency in the beauty industry, I am often reading articles and information about the ingredients used in our products and occasionally engage in some lively discussions with other passionates about whether all of these ingredients are really as dangerous as “we” describe them to be. One thing that I never hesitate upon, however, is that traditional sunscreen (particularly aerosol mists) are a no-brainer area that require your attention to protect your family. We all know someone (or many) affected by skin cancer, and protecting your family’s skin daily is paramount. But yet take a peek at your current stash of sunscreen labels, and if you see “oxybenzone” or “octinoxate”.. let’s chat.

This public health issue stretches into the environmental and was highlighted recently by legislation passed in Hawaii banning those ingredients in sunscreen to protect their coral reefs which have been shown to undergo active harm from those chemicals. Researchers have shown that continued exposure to those ingredients cause coral bleaching posting active danger to their natural habitats.

The good news for both the environment and your family, is that sunscreen can be formulated without these harmful ingredients and continue to be highly effective. Beautycounter has just launched a new sun care line Countersun which includes a newly developed mineral mist with SPF 30- bridging the gap between safety and convenience in this market space. Formulated with non-nano Zinc oxide and anti-oxidant rich California Poppy and is packaged in a non-aerosol dispensing the product safely for both your family and the environment. Mommas struggling with squirming, inpatient kids fear no more- this sunscreen was made exactly for you and there is a travel size available for your convenience as well. Just in time for the warm summer months and beach vacations, this line or sun care is worth the investment and perfect for even the most sensitive skin types.


Happy sunning safely,



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