Spring has Sprung!

Happy Friday Graceful Belle readers! It’s been a busy week over here, and I’m looking forward to it FRInally being the weekend again.. Jumped right back into business after spending some quality time with the family in Mexico and things are hopping at ZYIA Active with some amazing new releases for spring and a great event that I was invited to as well for health and wellness locally.


I’ve been eagerly awaiting some fun new color to mix into my wardrobe, so I was super excited to see these come out this week- ZYIA releases new products almost weekly in a boutique limited fashion which keeps things fresh and fun! The Pocket Floral Capri leggings are pre-sale and already have record amounts of orders, and the Turquoise Copper Charged Tank is my absolute fave ZYIA tank style so I can’t wait to get my hands on that too.


This outfit is going to be my spring uniform with the Floral Capris combined with my White Bomber Jacket and the White Bomber Bra. I love this jacket because it is the perfect weight for wearing as a top but functional enough to run in. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I wore it the whole week we were traveling! I also paired it for the event this week with our Black Shine Leggings and the All Star Bra for more of an evening look which was super fun.


It was such a fun experience to be able to share ZYIA Active with so many new women. The home that the event was hosted at was breathtaking and I loved seeing the clothing hung up in a fancy closet with a gorgeous chandelier.. I’m always saying you can pair your athleisure and activewear with pearls!

If you have been interested in our pieces but don’t live local, I also host online events which are super fun and a great way for you as the host to earn product credit and 50% pieces- who doesn’t love free leggings?! Send me a message for more information and I can get you scheduled!

I went into Home Goods this week- such a rabbit hole that place is, and picked up this journal. Just loved the simplicity of motivation, and of course can never resist something with fun colors. Running a business from home requires focus and hard work, but it’s also never been so fun!

Have a great weekend friends!



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