What’s in your Protein Powder??

Clearly not all supplements and companies in the health industry are created equal, but it recently came to my attention that perhaps even commonly used “natural, vegan, clean” protein powders may not be as safe as we would hope for or assume them to be.

I recently switched to Vega brand protein powders because the whey variety my husband uses was destroying my GI system. So imagine my sadness when a friend shared this article about possible toxins and arsenic in one of the other powders from that brand!


Obviously real food is the ideal source for healthy proteins, but in our busy lives and hustle bustle days that’s not always realistic. So, it’s back to the drawing board, but what to try next? And will it be safe and affordable to maintain? This article was such a good reminder about seeking better transparency in the marketplace that we at Beautycounter are lobbying for in the personal care industry. It’s so very much needed in foods and supplements as well though.

I gave this creamer a try this morning in my coffee, but I truly can’t stand coconut so it’s definitely not a long term keeper in my routine. But, I desperately need some health and wellness re-introduced after a week of eating and drinking allll the melted cheese and tequila in Mexico for spring break last week!


Do you have the perfect protein powder that you love and rely upon?? I’d love any suggestions!




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