Seeking Serenity and Finding Balance

Being a part of the Beautycounter movement to bring safer products into the personal care industry has really opened my eyes in a variety of illuminating ways. As someone that has always been routed in the traditional medical world and provided care in that same traditional manner to my own patients, it’s been quite a shift for me to begin looking to natural alternatives now that I am more removed from that environment professionally. One of the lessons that I have learned from Beautycounter is that transparency in the market is something to value highly and is also a commodity that is not a given or an absolute in the industry.. and all of our products, food choices, etc need to be examined with a more discerning lens.

And so when I decided that I wanted to try and help our six year old daughter achieve more restful sleep, I made the choice to turn to an alternative to the traditional route suggested by her Pediatrician. A year ago, I would have laughed this idea off had it been suggested to me and so I am thankful for a more open mind to the non-traditional. Our daughter is a definite night owl who has a hard time powering down easily in the evenings, and she definitely does not stop moving in her sleep. On the occasions that we do co-sleep, it feels like sharing a bed with an octopus as she moves around the bed in her sleep. Often after a full night of what should be good sleep, she still looks exhausted with dark circles under her eyes. Our Pediatrician had suggested it could be her sinuses and to try Flonase which we did for a few months. I didn’t really notice an appreciable difference in her sleep quality and wasn’t super excited about keeping her on a chronic medication when we weren’t sure it was necessary. So I reached out to a fellow Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and trusted oil expert with doTERRA for recommendations on sleep oils. Given her age, there is a special mixture dilution needed and so I was very thankful for some guidance about what to try and how to make them.


We are trying a combination of the Serenity and Balance oils before bed. I found these super fun colored glass roller bottles on Amazon, and love how cute they turned out. I made one for her and then a couple for myself to try out during the day as well because life can get crazy and stressful for all of us!


I am of course cognizant that sleep is a complex phenomenon, which is influenced by a multitude of factors and oils are not going to magically fix all of them. It is of course possible that her sinuses could be contributing to her sleep quality or many other environmental contributors as well, and so perhaps we will have to revisit those but for now I am excited to try these out knowing that they are safe and see if we all notice a difference using them!




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