Spring Cleaning with the Best Clean Beauty Swap

It’s time for a Clean Swap!

I get asked all the time about what some of the biggest offenders are in the traditional beauty market for toxins and harmful ingredients, so I love this Beautycounter campaign because it has been super informative for me to be able to better answer those questions.

Beautycounter is offering alternatives to some of the six worst offenders with a special promotion to help you clean up your personal care routines with safer, high performing options. From 2/22- 3/7, purchase any of the products featured in the Clean Swap and receive your choice of a deluxe sample for free.


The Six Areas of Focus:
1) Eye and Face Creams: many traditional eye and face creams are made with preservatives which can potentially release formaldehyde and wreak havoc on the immune system. Now that’s an eye-opener. Countermatch Eye Rescue Cream and Countermatch Adaptive Moisture Lotion are naturally preserved with phytic acid from green rice.

2) Face Masks: Traditional facial masks can be formulated with PEGs, which are widely used in cosmetics as thickeners or solvent and can possibly be contaminated with trace amounts of dangerous chemicals. Your mask should have nothing to hide. At Beautycounter, all our masks contain naturally-derived glycerin, which helps condition and soften skin.

3) Body Lotions: With more skin to cover, body lotions offer the most exposure to potentially toxic ingredients, like mineral oil. Permitted in beauty products, mineral oil is a conditioning agent that may be contaminated with trace amounts of toxins and can suffocate skin. Let your skin breathe easy. Beautycounter Hydrating Body Lotion contains a moisturizing blend of marula and mongongo oils which are rich in essential fatty acids to revitalize and nourish skin. Oh and it is my FAVORITE lotion EVER!

4) Lipsticks: As lipstick is applied on your mouth, it’s no surprise we ingest (a pound a year in fact!!) what we put on, including artificial fragrance. Artificial fragrances can be a blend of ingredients that are not required to be disclosed by U.S. law and can include trace amounts of phthalates (potential endocrine disruptors). That leaves a bad taste in our mouths, too. Beautycounter Sheer Lipsticks are vibrant in color, transparent in ingredients, and scented only with natural vanilla.

5) Mascara: Carbon black, a pigment used in mascaras to create the deep black color, has been linked to a range of adverse health effects. Mascara shouldn’t be that scary. Beautycounter Volumizing and Lengthening Mascaras are pigmented with naturally-occurring iron oxides.

6) Hair Care: Harsh sulfates, such as SLS and SLES, are found in many shampoos and can cause skin irritation. Your scalp deserves a lot better. These Beautycounter shampoos feature PureFoam Cleansing Technology which is derived from beetroot sugars to deliver the rich lather and cleansing performance you love in a gentler way.

Go to www.beautycounter.com/erinmayo and click on the “clean swap” link to see the items included in this promotion! Some of my absolute favorites and daily staples including the Body Lotion, The Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer, and the Volumizing Mascara are featured with this!


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