What You Need to Know About Your Personal Care Products

You may never have considered what the ingredients are in your every day products, and I bet you assume that they are tested and known to be safe for use, right? Unfortunately, in our country there actually hasn’t been a law passed since 1938 regulating the personal care product industry and we are light years behind Canada and the EU in regards to this issue. 80% of the ingredients that are included in these products have in fact never been tested for safety, and there is no reporting mechanism or oversight from the FDA to handle complaints about these products. An article recently published in JAMA highlights the magnitude of this public health concern and also gives a great overview of the Personal Care Products Safety Act– a legislative initiative fiercely supported and lobbied for by Beautycounter in an effort to protect consumers.


In the US, there are only 11 substances banned from our products, while Canada has over 800 and the EU has over 1500. In less than 30 seconds, our skin absorbs the exposures placed upon it from the products that we use each day, and you would be shocked to learn that some of the skincare commonly recommended from medical professionals even if laden with known potential toxins and endocrine disruptors. With the rise of infertility, cancers, and endocrine diseases in our country the focus on what we expose our health to each day is absolutely on the rise. Please take a minute to look into not only this legislation, but what is in your product’s labels to better protect yourself and your family. Once we all know better, then we can choose better.


As this topic becomes more widespread with recognition from mainstream media, and the public advocacy gains strength, I think you will find that the concept of clean beauty becomes an industry expectation and not a niche market. Beautycounter is a privilege to represent because the passion to educate and advocate for better on your behalf is such an inspiration. Please reach out if you would like more information about how we source ingredients to ensure safety and are paving a path for the highest standards in the personal care industry.




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