The Best Workout Leggings that You Haven’t Heard of Yet

I’m about to make your day/week/year by introducing you to the very BEST in workout apparel that I have tried in a very long time. The company is called ZYIA Active and is an online athletic and athleisure apparel company that just celebrated its one year anniversary. I was introduced to it through a very fit friend who does Crossfit, yoga, etc and was in love with their leggings. After I tried my first pair, I completely knew why- these things stay put and do not budge, roll, stretch, or sag and the price point is amazing. I would take my ZYIA Light n Tight leggings any day now over the pairs I have that cost twice as much.


There are so many cute and fun styles at reasonable price points, and some nice pieces for men as well. Especially unique is that there are new product releases almost weekly, and since the line is actually affordable it is easy to keep the workout or athleisure wardrobe fresh. Being that I literally live in leggings for my every day life, as do pretty much every lady I know, I just couldn’t wait to share this find with anyone that will listen!


I love that the ZYIA mission is to make being active and healthy fun and attainable for everyone, and I especially love that they have sizes and styling for real women. I have worn my leggings now for both cardio and Pilates classes and cannot believe that I finally found a high waisted pant that is super flattering and doesn’t roll down or cause me to have to fidget. And the side pockets on some of the styles are my favorite thing ever to hold my phone while I do strength training. I loved ZYIA so much, that I actually made the leap and became a brand rep for their company! I have attached shopping links for you to be able to see all of their pieces, and please message me if you would like to know more, or to host an online shopping event with me and earn yourself some amazing product credits!




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