The BEST Limited Edition Palette is BACK!

If you were following Beautycounter at all around this past holiday season, then you already know about the phenomenal new products that were launched in limited edition sets, as well as the incredible demand that led so many to sell out in record and unprecedented time for our company! Probably one of the MOST sought after was this eye shadow palette- the Ultimate Nudes which was not only an amazing compilation of colors, but also included a new formulation of enhanced pigmentation (while still safe and non-toxic) that created quite a buzz. With the client demand and response, Beautycounter is reissuing for another limited release, and even better at an awesome savings when purchased along with the Flawless in Five Package!


I took the palette out into the natural sunlight today to better capture just how stunning these colors really are. They are coordinated in trios of complementary colors in order to create a super simple, but totally chic look that can be anywhere from natural to quite dramatic depending on the color family choice!


For my makeup today, I used the Flawless Package combined with some of the pinks and gray/browns into the creases to create a finished but so quick and easy look. And then I promptly went to the gym to sweat haha! But, this makeup is SO incredible in quality that it does not smudge or budge and my face looks almost identical now 8 hours later! Definitely grabs yours now while they are re-stocked through my personal website as the perfect Valentine’s treat to yourself!!





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