The Innovative Skincare Line That You Absolutely Need in Your Life

If you are already familiar with Beautycounter’s non-toxic skincare and makeup, then you likely have heard about the revolutionary Countermatch line that was launched in full this past fall. If not, then please let me introduce you to this innovative line that might be just the skincare that you have been looking for. Countermatch is the skincare baby of Xavier Ormancey, the head of product development for Beautycounter (and former Chanel powerhouse), and took months upon months to develop the plant-based bio-mimic technology. In short, this technology which uses the properties of plants to give the skin adjusted amounts of hydration each day, making it a wonderful line for almost every single skin type (outside of the extreme uber oily or dry). The end result is perfectly hydrated, radiant skin without exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins.


The Countermatch package is currently on special for only $150 which would normally be $211 for those pieces. I absolutely adore the serum and the adaptive day lotions particularly from this line, and then mix in a few things like the Rejuvenating Cleanser and occasionally the Cleansing Balm to my regimen. All of the products are super light weight and blend seamlessly into the skin.

Intense Moisture Serum: Delivers a concentrated boost of moisture for immediate and lasting hydration, while vitamins C (ascorbic acid) and E (tocopherol) provide antioxidant protection.

Eye Rescue Cream: Formulated for the delicate eye area, this nourishing cream awakens eyes by helping to reduce the appearance of shadows for brighter-looking eyes.

Adaptive Moisture Lotion: Helps skin adapt to the ever-changing aggressors of modern life by adjusting hydration and oxygenation levels throughout the day. This lightweight lotion hydrates skin throughout the day to provide 24 hours of hydration*.

Recovery Sleeping Cream: With an advanced blend of hyaluronic acid, plum oil (Prunus Domestica Seed Extract), and tara gum (Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum), this rich cream creates a protective layer to shield skin from moisture loss, replenishing hydration and revitalizing skin while you sleep.

The other skincare lines are also on special currently with amazing savings for a great introduction into our products.


This is a brief overview that I made of the lines and who they work well for, in addition to all of the information contained on our site.. also I have several posts with information previously as well.

I would love to connect personally with anyone curious if Countermatch is right for you (chances are, YES!) or if I can answer any other questions about Beautycounter. There are going to be some phenomenal products joining the line throughout this year as well that I can’t wait to share more about!




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