How a Healthy Unicorn Cookie Dough Turned into a Breakfast Bar aka Pinterest Recipe Flail

So, I was on Pinterest recently and up popped this amazing looking recipe for a healthy Unicorn eggless cookie dough that looked relatively simple and clean, and so I figured why not, right? I’ve been looking for uses to move through my stash of coconut flour, which I have to say is probably my least favorite alternative baking flour thus far because of its texture. So I start mixing up this little concoction, and it becomes clear to me almost immediately that I have a total Pinterest flail on my hands. The texture was weird and grainy, the color off, and just clearly wasn’t going to be this delicious treat that I was picturing. I had used a lot of peanut butter, though, that I hated to waste and so I basically aborted and switched to a batter of sorts that could be baked. The end result was edible- best heated up with some almond milk over top- but I have no idea what my actual recipe consisted of because I just sort of added some egg whites and some baking soda/powder in total test kitchen style.

Suffice to say- if you see perfect looking Unicorn eggless cookie dough on Pinterest, this girl at least could not get it to come together as advertised. I’m pretty sure that the coconut flour was the culprit where things went awry, so it *might* be worth a re-attempt with almond flour, but it also might be time for me to move on from the unicorn themed food!




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