Matcha Chia Breakfast Pudding

If you like Matcha and don’t have a super picky palate when it comes to textures, this recipe is definitely for you.. If rice pudding makes you gag, then this one might not be hah! I happen to love Matcha and was excited to find some new uses for it besides my afternoon smoothies. This is super simple and very tasty, and was actually a good reminder that sometimes following the directions in cooking is more important than making it pretty. I say that because when I first made them, I put it into individual ramekins to make a nicer photo, but quickly realized that all the chia seeds settled to the bottom and stuck together leaving the top runny and the bottom where all the stick was. So, I highly recommend using the individual glass jars or some container that you can easily shake the mixture to distribute it all well for an even thickness that is closer to a yogurt or pudding.


In the pretty, but non-functional ramekin you also lose a sense of the actual texture of the pudding with the seeds in it. When I sent my sis the picture below in the glass jar she said it looked like “lumpy ranch” hah, but honestly it was super delicious.


Also, a lot of matcha recipes call to use the culinary version of the powder.. I’m actually not entirely sure what is different from the drinking powder versus the culinary style. I only had the drinking style so that is what I went with and seemed just fine!




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