Throw a Little Sparkle On Me

And call me a unicorn! The obsession with unicorns in our house right now is the real thing, and they also are like the hottest thing around. So yesterday just sort of felt like the right day to bust out some of the Pinterest inspired unicorn treats that make me smile every time I see them. Both of these were super cute and definitely tasty, but goodness they are as sweet as they look!


Here are the two recipes that I used for the Unicorn Hot Chocolate and the Fudge. There are so many other super cute snack options pinned if you are looking for a unicorn or rainbow party inspirations. Some of them definitely look more complex than these were with a ton of food dyes and steps that I was a bit intimidated by. But for just a fun little afternoon at home, these two were super quick and simple.

After making these, I really want to find an excuse now to plan an actual unicorn party! And there are SO many adorable unicorn accessories that I feel like I need in my life- especially this newest mug from Evelyn Henson’s collection.

Hope it is a magical week for everyone!




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