Gifting for the Fun Foodie

Ever had a craving for some uber specific food that you used to get all of the time living in another city, or tried while you were traveling and fell in love with? If yes, then I must introduce you to Goldbely, which is a site that can bring those cravings directly to your doorstep. I have heard of similar services previously, but received a gift certificate to try out Goldbely for Christmas, and must say this made for a super fun gift experience that I highly recommend for any foodies in your life. I probably spent an hour perusing the site trying to decide what to pick, and was pleasantly surprised to find options from a wide array of cities across the country, food types, and even a gluten free section included. Plus there were numerous options with free shipping, which is always a bonus! After essentially drooling in front of the computer, I knew that I had to go for some gluten free sweet treats and then perseverated a bit longer over a caramel cake from a bakery in South Carolina (still wanting hah) and ultimately picked these gorgeous looking macarons from Sucre Bakery in New Orleans.

The packaging and colors were precious and so girly, and the macarons were incredibly fresh and light. A few took a bit of a beating in transport, but obviously this type of cookie is super fragile as well. I will say the pricing for the site’s offerings are pretty steep, and this is definitely a niche type market for people willing to pay top dollar for the experience. But for a special occasion, unique gift, or fun party idea the site is great to check out!




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