Artwork Curation for the Lovely and Lively

I am super excited to share today one of my very favorite home decor elements to procure which are pieces of artwork! I was thinking back this morning trying to remember what spurred my original desire to introduce more artwork into our home, and I think it started about five years ago when I was visiting the beach home of a friend’s mother-in-law who happened to be a self taught but quite talented artist. The home was layered with many beautiful pieces that she had done over the years, and I was drawn to how sophisticated, polished, and “grown-up” the home seemed with so many original works scattered about. Since then I have found a number of galleries and artists that I follow on Instagram, and have been fortunate enough to start acquiring a few originals and prints as well.


These two print pieces are my most recent acquisitions from a local Dallas artist named Maren Devine, and I am tickled over how they work together in our entry way and coordinate together with colors and style.

She has an exceptionally cool series of chic warrior women that I feel like are the epitome of the “lovely and lively” style. We have two of her original abstracts as well which are wonderful and I highly recommend her level of service that she provides to clients!

One of my other most favorite pieces that was one of the first purchases for this home is a print from Erin Gregory that we got through her One Kings Lane offerings. I would LOVE to have one of her originals one day, but for our budget the large re-print was our best option for now and I have to say very nice quality for the price point. I had really wanted to do a navy wall and so this print fit perfectly with the color scheme for our formal dining space. For me personally, florals run a very fine line between being perfectly feminine and frumpy but Erin does an exceptional job with her colors and I feel like they are southern living perfection.

I would probably have to say that my most precious pieces are two small originals that my husband purchased for my birthday several years ago from Christina Baker through the Gregg Irby Gallery located in Atlanta. The detail work up close is amazing and the colors have set the tone for much of our main living space. The Gregg Irby Gallery has an excellent selection of southern artists to peruse as well.


Here is a list of a few other favorites that I have followed over the past few years, and would absolutely love to eventually have pieces from. If my style is in line with yours, these might be helpful if you aren’t already familiar with them! And please leave comments if there are other artists that you think I might need to know about!

Evelyn Henson

Megan Carn

Jenn Meador

C. Brooke Ring

I do have on order the cutest bar print from Evelyn Henson that I have been eyeing for months now. Her series from the Brightly Decorated Life are always so fun and whimsical, and I have previously purchased two mugs from her as gifts that were also adorable. And for certain and highest on my current must have list- I would love love to get my hands on some of the ballerina works from C. Brooke Ring for my daughter’s room.




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