Brown Sugar Batter and Beauty

I can find almost any excuse to want to bake, and often it happens on a bit of a whim so the recipe search is generated by the ingredients I have on hand in the pantry. Cupcakes have always been my favorite because when I was first diagnosed with Celiac back in 2007, there was a real paucity of accessible yummy gluten free baked goods. I love making new flavor combinations, and over the years I have perfected the buttercream into a way that I can do without actually measuring out perfect amounts and instead just do my little of this-little of that method of preferred cooking.

I hosted a small group for my multi-generational women’s bible study on beauty this week, and wanted to have just a small sweet treat to offer. I ended up using the same brown sugar batter to make some cupcakes with a homemade chocolate buttercream, and then used the rest of the batter (it makes a lot) to do some bars with cinnamon buttercream.


Both versions turned out very yummy, but I think I liked the bars with the dollop of cinnamon the best and would definitely do them again. They could be used for a sweet treat at a brunch for sure!

It was such a lovely afternoon discussing the concept of beauty- inner versus outer- and what that means in relation to scripture. I came across this while I was reading which I really enjoyed: “There is a difference between pretty and beautiful. Being pretty means a nice appearance, but when someone is beautiful they shine from the inside out.” We talk a lot in Beautycounter about wanting to “Be Your Beautiful” and to embrace the natural and unique beauty within each of us, so this resonated well and true to that.


Hope everyone has a yummy, sweet weekend!





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