Bringing the Glow to your Wintery Dry Skin

So it is officially really cold in Texas this year- like actual real winter. I had forgotten what it feels like to be absolutely freezing every time you step outside, as well as what a toll it takes on your skin. I have had to really step up my skin hydration- both with more water intake, and by introducing more external moisture. These are a few of my favorite dry skin remedies for the body and face from Beautycounter.


For the body, I love the Body Butter mixed in with just a drop or two of oil- the Baby Oil is a fantastic price point and the combination is well absorbed into my skin without feeling heavy which is super important to me.


The entire baby line can be used for the most sensitive skin so it’s actually loved for both infants because of it’s incredibly safe sourcing of ingredients, but also by adults making it a fantastic multi-tasker in value. Also it’s currently part of our Winter Sale and 30% off right now which is amazing!

For the face, I love love love our Cleansing Balm. It can be used as a cleanser or a stand alone moisture mask. The price point is up there for sure, but it lasts a really long time (like months) and can be used to treat so many different skin complaints. It’s also the best, most comprehensive nighttime makeup removed I have ever used.


There are a bunch of amazing makeup products still offered at 30% off as well to take advantage of so now is a great time to make the switch to safer products! You can check all of them out and order by clicking the picture link below!


Stay snuggled and warm!! Here is a link to my YouTube channel video talking more about these products too!




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