Sunny State of Mind with the Lilly Pulitzer After the Party Semi-Annual Sale

Has this deep freeze got you feeling the winter blues? Well, I have something to boost those spirits and get you looking forward to sunshine and beach vacations! This week the semi-annual Lilly Pulitzer After the Party Sale gets going with all things bright, beachy, and fun. This sale has become somewhat both legendary and notorious, as the deals are often quite impressive, but there is some work involved to snag what you want and avoid frustration. The sale starts online and in stores officially tomorrow, but apparently this year they have added a preview day in stores that starts today for those of you that are really eager!


Here are a few of my helpful tips that I have learned over the years of battling it out online with thousands of my closest Lilly enthusiasts. For starters, make sure you have your Lilly profile set up ahead of time with billing information saved- this is essential because things will literally sell out while you are browsing so you have to be ready to commit and purchase quickly. Be prepared to have the site crash, and you will get stuck in a “virtual waiting line” prior to entering into the sale site in the morning so have multiple devices ready to get online. Historically, I have literally used my phone, ipad, and desktop concurrently. New items do get added throughout the days of the sale, though, so definitely check periodically if you haven’t seen things yet that you are wanting.

Is the sale really worth all this hassle you ask?? The prices are pretty good on items that can be a bit pricey in my opinion for fun/seasonal items. The kids clothes are definitely worth a look because when at full price I just cannot justify them for my daughter who may spill on them at any moment. I also really like the accessories and most of the jewelry, and for sure the home items are super fun accent pieces for summer entertaining. Everything is final sale and non-returnable so that makes their clothes too much of a gamble for me usually as I tend to wear multiple sizes in their various cuts. I have purchased several Elsa tops over the years, though, since I reliably know my size in those.


Honestly over the past few years that I have been sucked into it has almost just become somewhat of a fun retail challenge to tackle, and if you are prepared ahead of time and relaxed about it, there are some great pieces to have you feeling resort ready even in the middle of this gray, cold weather! The stores are definitely a nice way to be able to see in person the items and try things on if you have one near you- but be prepared to see a que of people ahead of store opening! Our local store is a bit of the small side as well, and so doesn’t have nearly the selection that online will obviously provide.


So get ready to flamingle your way into a new year with all of the many Lilly lovers out there and hope you find your sunny state of mind this week!!




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