Gluten Free Sprinkle Mug Cake

Happy New Year everyone!! We started the new year snuggled on the couch with some bubbly and our pjs which was really amazing after such a busy holiday week. After dinner, we were all craving something sweet- leftover cravings from over indulgence around the holidays of all the sugar and carbs in sight no doubt. So it seemed like the perfect time to try out the single serve mug cake for a quick and easy treat. They were actually really delicious, and by only microwaving for 60 seconds they stayed really gooey and moist. I topped mine with some quick homemade buttercream frosting, but ice cream would have been yummy too!


I know most usually try to start a new year off with health centered goals, and healthier more purposeful eating so maybe just stash this recipe away for when you need a little break from all of the greens and detoxes! Healthy living that is actually sustainable over the long term is all about balance and moderation, and sometimes you just may need a few sprinkles mixed in!




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