Gluten Free Cake Ball Ornaments

Merry Christmas Eve! We’ve been baking away this week, and I wanted to share a fun new treat recipe that I picked up from my sister. I modified her recipe to make them gluten free, and she has a special technique that makes them extra moist and delicious.img_5257

To start, grab your favorite GF chocolate cake mix and prepare as instructed. Allow the cake to cool completely and then mix in a container of chocolate icing with the crushed up cake- this is where the magic is! If you have a cookie scoop, your balls will look exceedingly neater than mine do, but baking in other kitchens requires some go with the flow.. Then freeze them- I did it overnight so that they were firm enough to roll without breaking apart in the dipping chocolate. You can do white or regular chocolate to dip and then sprinkle immediately before the chocolate hardens.img_5261

My sister’s looked MUCH prettier in final execution, but they are incredibly yummy tasting. You can also add a Reese’s cup to the top to make them look like holiday ornaments if you are feeling especially crafty. I was just amazed at how good they were with the addition of the icing!img_5265

Here is a pic of hers with the Reese’s added for a cookie exchange party that she made them for.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas filled with the peace and joy of the season and lots of yummy treats!




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