Multi Masking for the Multi Tasker

We’ve all been there- you just feel your skin is on the verge of freaking out and your complexion is about to get goofy.. We’ve had weird weather this week, and that combined with hormones, brought on what I knew was about to be one of those complexion upheavals. So, prior to our holiday travel (which will also be a completely different climate) and all of the hustle and bustle to come in the next week, I threw on one of my favorite masks to hopefully settle things down while I try and check off my to-do list and packing.


Today I went with the Balancing and Charcoal mask to treat some budding breakout areas, and this mask is hands down one of my very favorite Beautycounter products to recommend because of the way that it detoxifies and clarifies the skin- and it’s loved by both men and women. It can also be used a spot treatment which I frequently do for overnight touch ups. I like to multi-mask using our Plumping and Brightening masks as well, and while it looks quasi ridiculous, the combined efforts of the different masks always leaves my skin feeling extra fresh and glowing.



Masking is a great way to augment your current skincare regimen, and target different skin concerns in a very focused and immediate way. We also have spa sets that include oils and mists to go with each system in our Beautycounter + lines. I highly recommend the #3 balancing oil for anyone with combination or acne prone skin- just a small drop added to daily moisturizer does wonders.


As we start to age, our skin frequently changes in chemistry and elasticity, as well as in response to hormones and stressors. I love taking a few minutes to enjoy a glass of wine and put on a mask- especially during the craze of the holiday months! The active ingredients in our masks are incredibly effective, while being safe and gentle for just a quick and easy way to bring out the natural glow!





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