Joining the Beautycounter Movement

Today I wanted to share information on a topic that is close to my heart, and take a few minutes to answer some of the most common questions that I am asked about joining Beautycounter as a Consultant. When I initially began my own search for information about what it would entail, I found it very helpful to be able to read first hand information from other consultants, as well as informational videos posted on YouTube about the opportunity. So, this list is a compilation of my thoughts on frequent questions and concerns and I also have included my own Graceful Belle YouTube channel video discussing some of these as well.

Why Beautycounter? What sets it apart from others in the industry? Beautycounter is not just another “beauty company”, but rather it is a movement with a passion for advocating on a national scale for safety and transparency in the industry. The foundation and mission of creating the highest performing products, which continue to meet the highest level of screening for safety is paramount. The leaders within Beautycounter have a phenomenal pedigree in the beauty industry which brings innovation and constant strive to further the access to safe products for the entire family.IMG_0082

Do I need to passionate about clean living or be an organic/all natural person? This is my favorite area to discuss with people because it speaks directly to me and my personal journey through Beautycounter. My process of becoming more educated about the potential toxins and dangers in my family’s products has been gradual and progressive, and is also ongoing. We have made many simple changes in our diet and products, and this area is one that is a natural and easy transition because the quality of Beautycounter also speaks for itself. I am picky about my makeup and skincare, and I have used a ton of different brands (both high end and not) and I am committed to Beautycounter because I believe in the purpose, but also because I have found that the products rival any other brand that I have used in performance. You will find like I did, that as you become more educated about what is in your bathrooms, your children’s products, etc that you can’t ignore the facts that the beauty industry has been largely unregulated in the United States and companies are exposing you to dangers every day without your realization. I highly recommend a walk through your bathroom with the Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living App to assess the level of potential toxins that are included in your current regimen. The average woman uses 12 products per day on her skin, and there are over 100 chemicals on average contained in that exposure.

What is the process to become a Consultant? It is really quite simple and intuitive. On the website you will find the link to “Become a Consultant” and it will walk you through a very straightforward process. You will need to select a mentor at the time of registration, and Beautycounter will either help connect you with someone, or you are welcome to join a team like I did after doing some research about the importance of having a strong mentor and team infrastructure. I will address that point next. The fee to join is only $85 (less if already a Band of Beauty Member). Once you are registered, you have immediate access to your own personal website called Behind the Counter with all of the resources, marketing materials etc that you need to get up and going immediately.

Why join a team like The Rosebuds? I chose to join this team specifically without personally knowing the members actually because of the incredible infrastructure and mentoring that was included. Having never worked in any type of sales or marketing, I knew that I would need that support and training to get started successfully. Beautycounter as a company has wonderful training and resources to support new Consultants, but our team the Rosebuds augments that training with additional knowledge and training which was invaluable to me. We have a depth of experience on our team that includes health care professionals like myself, as well as private business entrepreneurs, graphic design artists, marketing specialists, etc. I am happy to provide more insight into this for anyone interested and you can easily reach me at





Do you have to host a lot of parties or are there obligations to purchase products every month? No, there are many ways to build your business. Certainly in-person demonstration and connection is the most effective way to grow your business and help spread the Beautycounter mission. But, there are a variety of effective network marketing strategies that include Facebook groups, Instagram, YouTube, personal blogs, etc. Also, you can build your business networking as gradually as needed. There are Consultants that maintain a separate full time job and do this because they have a passion for it, or love the discount they receive on the products for themselves, and there are others that this is a full time job with exceptional earning potential. When you first register a Consultant, you have the option to purchase a starter pack of products which are offered at an exceptional discount so I can’t recommend that enough. As you want to try products yourself or for sampling ongoing, you receive a 25% discount on your orders which is exceptional.

Why join now? What are the benefits of being a Consultant? Through the month of December, the incentive and reward program called “Start Counting” for new Consultants has been doubled which allows you to rather easily earn enhanced product credit bonuses and other incentives for starting out strong in your business. The Start Counting program is an excellent example of the way that Beautycounter takes care of its Consultants. As a Consultant, you also have access to the 25% discount, as well as first access to new product launches often at an even higher discount. Beautycounter is committed to being a leader of innovation in the clean beauty industry, and has a deep pipeline of developing products that will continue to revolutionize the non-toxic market which is a vastly growing entity as consumers become more educated on this topic. Your sales commission is also one of the most generous structures in that you make 25%-35% commission based upon your sales each month.

I honestly could go on and on about the wonderful benefits that joining Beautycounter has provided myself and my family. I love talking to people about what sets us apart, and helping educate new clients or potential clients about what it means to have access to validated clean, non-toxic makeup and beauty products. There is so much greenwashing of the terms “natural” and “organic” that it becomes difficult to know what is real or true. Beautycounter demonstrates the highest level of integrity, and a deep devotion to education and advocacy that is the essential cornerstone of the company. The non-toxic market has exploded in recent years, and now is truly the time to join and be part of that movement! Please reach out to me if I can help educate you more about our skincare and makeup products for personal use, or if you are interested in the business opportunity because I would love to help others find what I have!!






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