Berry Baked Protein Oatmeal

We do a lot of overnight oat variations for a quick start to the morning, but I decided to do a baked version that could be served just as easily warmed up with some Almond milk over top. This was so well received that I have a second batch in the oven as we speak!


The original recipe that I used was a slight modification from this one at She Likes Food but for the second round I added some egg white and protein powder to bump up the protein content and I also ditched the brown sugar and maple syrup and just went with sweetness from Agave and the frozen mixed berries. Also, I always use Bob’s Red Mill GF Oats for my celiac needs.


What was nice about this style of baking the oatmeal was that it felt more efficient to make a larger quantity that lasted all week. The individual portions of overnight oats just feel tedious sometimes to me in prep. There are a ton of other flavor profiles that would work with this recipe as well!




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