Merry Matcha Delight

There are days where the mid afternoon sneaks up on me and I need a bit of a boost to get myself perked up to finish out the day in good spirits. I love Matcha in many forms, but I recently created this little protein Matcha smoothie combo and it has become my new favorite pick me up.

FullSizeRender (1)

To make, I use a scoop of Protein powder, sprinkle in some Chia seeds, some Matcha powder, a splash of Agave and some unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk and ice. You can definitely get by without the agave but I like a sweeter smoothie personally– you could also easily substitute in some raw honey.


I should also mention that these gold glitter drink accessories are the cutest things ever- I have used the “Cheers” for multiple occasions on champagne glasses and the “Merry” during holiday parties. This is a picture from last Christmas, and the shop is amazing to work with and can do custom sayings for cake toppers etc. She doesn’t currently have the “Merry” charms listed but I’m sure would gladly re-do them if asked!


Cheers Drink Charms




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