Merry & Bright with Lisi Lerch

Today is all about sharing my favorite jewelry designer to make any holiday outfit merry and bright. These pieces are fun, festive, and the perfect way to take a simple dress or party outfit into the perfect preppy look. Lisi has been a love of mine for about two years ago, and I have had the pleasure of hosting two trunk shows here in Dallas at my home to help share these gorgeous pieces more locally.


Her pieces are easily worn by all ages- with not only a large collegiate following, but also can be seen frequently on television- most notably on the Today Show contributors, as well as on the Bravo show Southern Charm. The tassel style is certainly quintessential Lisi, but she has broadened out the designs into more statement styles like the Vivi, Ginger, and newest Bobbi. For the more traditional and understated there are the Buttons and Margos, as well as some of the simpler and more delicate necklaces.

Snapseed (1)

The variety in design is what I love about the Lisi pieces because some days you want the fun, more dynamic statement pieces.. but then others you need the more chic, mature, and sophisticated look. By staying with the more subtle all gold or pearl options, you can have a great pop of shine, while still remaining completely polished and preppy. The gold Ginger earrings and the pearl Buttons are probably my most go-to staples along with the gold tassel necklace. There isn’t a single style that I haven’t loved incorporating into my closet, and honestly these pictures only capture a handful of my total collection now to date. If you have ears that are sensitive to weight, definitely consider the clip style in some of the larger earrings- I have done that now for several pairs and been grateful when wearing them out for longer evening events.

Lisi Lerch

The perfect completion to any holiday look- whether bright and fun, or more simple and understated is definitely finding the perfect lip color that will stay on through an evening of sipping on a cocktail and chatting. I adore the Beautycounter Color Intense Lip Set for exactly this because they are incredibly pigmented, while remaining non-toxic and safe as well as nourishing and non-drying or cracking on the lips. This set was just released again today after being sold out and is limited edition.


Color Intense Lip Set






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