Jingling into the Season

Happy December Lovelies! It’s officially the holiday season, and all of the cute and crazy that comes along with it each year is upon us. We have a busy month ahead, but I am excited to pull out some of my favorite holiday accessories and will be sharing them this month on Graceful Belle! I am currently obsessing over everything tartan, so this “Jingle Java” mug from Mud Pie will be on repeat through the season for the morning car rides to and from school drop off!


December 1st, also meant the return of “Rose” for which I have done zero creative prep and had to whip up a plan last night after bedtime to usher in her arrival.


Which included making “muffins” that she brought which were essentially glorified brown sugar cupcakes containing zero nutritive value, but one must make do when it’s crunch time and a grocery run is needed!


Need to get on Instagram and compile some other ideas asap while I energize with some fresh Jingle Java! The holiday season is definitely a marathon, not a sprint hah! Oh and I  really want all of the Mud Pie holiday mugs, pretty please!

IMG_3788 (1)





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