Easy Eats to Protein Power the Day

I am always looking for quick and easy ways to start my day with a nice amount of protein to fill me up, but I also need some carb to go with because I work out in the morning as well. I am someone that also has to start the day with something sweet, though, and can’t do savory first off so most egg dishes aren’t really my jam first thing getting up.



Enter the protein rich Greek yogurt and all of the many combinations that it lends itself to. My favorite creation so far has been the one above with Greek yogurt, small scoop of Sunbutter, Chia seeds, and a sprinkle of Agave. Super filling with just enough sweetness to really almost take like a dessert for breakfast.


Another great flavor combination, but slightly higher in calorie and carb content is this one with a Gluten Free granola added along with mixed fruit (I actually used some frozen mixed berries that I warmed up so the juices mixed in to sweeten the yogurt).


There are so many other amazing variations to try that I have seen posted on Instagram for inspiration as well. What I liked most about these that I free-styled with ingredients already on hand, were that they were both simplistic and quick.. which is absolutely key for my morning routine!




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