Essentials for Everyday Skincare with Beautycounter


Today I am sharing my favorite every day skincare essentials from Beautycounter. I made the decision to switch my skincare and makeup over to Beautycounter after becoming more aware of the potential carcinogens and toxins that were rampant in a lot of the products I was previously using (even the high end brands and some that were considered “natural”). If you have never looked at what is actually in the products that you and your family use each day, I highly recommend a walk through your bathroom with the Think Dirty app or utilizing the Environmental Working Group’s database for assessing the ingredient lists and level of toxicity potential. Your findings may shock you, as they did me, and were what spurred me to make an overhaul of my regimen and want to educate others as well.

My switch over process has been gradual and I have adjusted it a bit over time as my skin became used to the more natural products. I would consider my skin to be fairly normal to combination/oily with some definite signs of early aging. I absolutely love and am loyal to the Rejuvenating line of skincare for this reason because I am sensitive to the emergence of crows feet and fine lines as I have gotten closer to 40 than 30. One of my favorite features of the Beautycounter lines are that they can be mixed and matched and introduced gradually, making it both cost effective and more customized to your exact skin needs.

So, for my day time routine.. I utilize the Rejuvenating Cleanser as my morning start in the shower and then I apply the Rejuvenating Eye cream every day, twice per day religiously. It has caffeine to wake up and lift the under eye area which is my biggest point of focus to address in regards to my signs of aging. It’s super gentle, though, making it perfect for even the most sensitive eyes. I then apply the new Countermatch Intense Moisture serum which has two forms of Hyaluronic acid to make the skin naturally hydrated and more luminous. Both the Countermatch serum and the Rejuvenating Radiance Serum are phenomenal, and either are going to augment your skin care regimen in a very noticeable way. I advise clients and potential clients all of the time that the serums are probably the single easiest way to introduce immediate differences in their skin texture, brightness, and hydration. Most often I go straight from the serum to applying our Tint Skin Foundation, but occasionally I will also use the Countermatch Adaptive Moisture lotion for a little more balanced moisture. The Countermatch lotion has revolutionary bio-mimic technology where it can adjust your moisture levels through the day to your skin needs and is perfect for almost all skin types.

For the night time.. if I have worn a heavier face makeup look I always apply a layer of the Cleansing Balm straight onto my makeup and then let sit for a few minutes prior to washing off with a wash cloth. This takes off every last bit of makeup and leaves the face feeling fresh and so soft. The Balm is one of the pricier investments, but lasts forever and is so amazing at providing the extra hydration needed in the drier winter months. I then do the Rejuvenating Eye cream and the Rejuvenating Night Cream. The night cream is phenomenal and made with Jambu extract which is known as “nature’s Botox”. For the vast majority of my adult life, I have been the girl that went to bed with makeup still on each night and never worried about it, but middle age has declared that won’t work anymore. I have also always been the girl that won’t use more than two steps maximum for any regimen with any consistency, so the fact that I have become so purposeful in my skin care is a real shift for me. I honestly have noticed such an appreciable difference in my skin health, though, that I have become a very faithful follower of the steps and products I am sharing today.

Here are the links to my favorites, but I am happy to also help you navigate safer skin care that would best suit your needs as well. We also have the Nourishing line of products which are designed to accommodate the uber sensitive, as well as charcoal products great for the acne prone.

And here is the video version link of me detailing my regimen as well!









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