Mix and Match Real Food Prep

When I think about making “real food” dishes, one of the biggest boundaries to me getting excited about the end result is all of the prep work needed for the ingredients that some recipes call for. What I love about these two creations from yesterday are that they are two different flavor profiles completely, but all of the ingredients and prep work can be mixed and matched between the combinations. The sweet potato and egg version is also great for an any time of day meal if you are wanting something savory to start the day with a mixture of protein and carbs.

The sweet potato dish is just roasted savory sweet potatoes (see my previous post on repurposing Thanksgiving ingredients for more detail on them), and then some fried egg which was mostly whites with only one yolk included and white onion all seasoned with garlic salt and pepper. The pasta dish is gluten free brown rice pasta, sautéed spinach with a bit of the onion and egg white mixture, and seasoned ground turkey with a splash of tomato sauce. Both are super tasty and were so easy to do at the same time with plenty to save for the week.




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