Cyber Monday Finds for the Prep and Polished

Happy Cyber Monday friends! This is always a great day to take advantage of sales for holiday shopping, and today I’m sharing some of my favorite ones that don’t come around very often the rest of the year! I did a little gift shopping, but also picked up a few cute things I couldn’t resist below to have in time for the holiday season. I’ll post some links to the items and some other favorite prep and polished sale sites below as well! Hope this helps everyone have a brighter start to a Monday back in their regular routines!



I would remiss if not to mention that Beautycounter has some amazing offers that are limited to just today and will likely sell out within the next few hours. The new Countermatch line of adaptive moisture skincare products is available in travel/trial size at only $48 which is phenomenal.

Also super excited to get my “Jingle Java” cup in tartan from Mud Pie for the morning drives in for school drop off.. I can’t get enough tartan these days it seems! Mud Pie is 25% off and free shipping with code “THANKS25” through today

If you love pearls and preppy like I do, Kiel James Patrick is the site for all things perfectly prep and cute while still being sophisticated and chic. My sister and I gift KJP to each other for almost every holiday now and they have 25% off sitewide through today also which is unusual for them. That pearl and navy ribbon bracelet is going to be on stacked bracelet repeat this winter.

Another favorite Lisi Lerch has 30% off through today and I am so looking forward to my gold “Bobbi” earrings to coordinate with my gold tassel necklace from her.

And finally, J. Crew (which does have sales frequently..) but today has 50% off before noon on their orders which is unusual. That fur muffler doesn’t make a tremendous amount of sense here in the Texas winters, but for the east coast it is the cutest! Especially with that tartan liner!!

Here are a few other favorites for the preppy and polished with noteworthy Cyber Monday offers and great gift ideas worth checking out:

Hope everyone has a great start to the week and can grab some of these fantastic offers for themselves or for gifting!







2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Finds for the Prep and Polished

  1. Thanks so much for sharing I love all the pieces you shared especially the KJP pearl bracelet, it’s such a timeless and elegant piece that would go with any winter outfit, and makes a great gift for Christmas. I will defiantly be adding it to my wishlist.

    megan |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And yes, they are stunning and absolute favorites of my sister and I to gift each other for holidays and birthdays! I’m actually working on another holiday post featuring accessorizing with some of my favorite pieces from KJP- including that bracelet!

      Liked by 1 person

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